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   A little history on

  Paul Di Leo

NENA - Paul has been touring and recording with German superstar Nena. Best known for her international hit song 99 luft balloons or English version 99 red balloons. He appears on several of Nena's studio and live DVD/albums. Paul has received 3 gold and 2 platinum record awards during his time with Nena. In 2012, Paul made guest appearances on “The Voice of Germany” supporting Nena and her team.

FOZZY - October 2011, Paul joined heavy metal band Fozzy. Fronted by Chris Jericho and guitarist Rich Ward. Paul recorded three albums with the band: “Sin & Bones” released 2012, “Do You Wanna Start a War” released 2014, and “Judas” released 2017. Including videos “Sand Paper”- “Judas”- and “Painless”.

Adrenaline Mob - February 2011, Paul joined Adrenaline Mob and recorded bass on their EP release. Toured with the band from June to September 2011. Members included Mike Portnoy, Russell Allen, and Rich Ward.

Videos - ADRENALINE MOB - Official Mob Rules Live @ Hiro Ballroom

Billy Joel - 1991, Paul was asked by Billy Joel’s musical director to sub as bassist for Billy Joel towards the end of Billy Joel’s “Storm Front” tour. Most notable concerts: “Back at the ranch” festival August 1991.

During sound check at “Back at the ranch festival", Billy Joel recommended Paul to sub in playing bass on a few songs for Paul Simon, which included drum legend Steve Gadd.

Paul was asked back to play bass with Billy Joel at “Madison Square Garden” for Don Henley’s "Walden woods benefit concerts", October 21 and 22, 1991. The Walden woods line up at Madison Square Garden was in this order :




After the Madison Square Garden Concerts, Paul was asked to join the pre-production sessions for Billy Joel’s “River of Dreams” album.

Other performances/recording credits for Paul over the years include: Paul Simon - Carly Simon - Lauryn Hill - Joe Lynn Turner - Enrique Iglesias- Voodooland - Rage and Beyond - Adrenaline Mob - NENA - Fozzy

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