Paul Di Leo

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by my web site!

If you don’t already know me, please let me introduce myself.. 
My name is Paul Di Leo.

​I’m mostly known in the music business as a bassist / backing vocals for solo artist and bands.

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​​I’ve been asked the question by many in the music business – “why don’t you do your own thing or solo project"?
Hmmmm ..
I said to myself - after all these years why the hell not right?!
I love writing songs!
I love singing songs!
and I love performing! 

I'm always developing and creating songs in my recording studio for others .

So I decided it was time to start putting out solo songs. 
Then I said to myself..
Okay..what type of genre of songs will i put out there? 
Since I have a variety of tastes in my music vocabulary..
A friend suggested, just put it all out there.
I liked the idea and decided to go with a mixed variety.
So whoever is listening... i hope all of you will dig the music!
Thanking all of you for your support and on with the musical journey!
Paul Di Leo

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